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Unapologetically De-Stress and De-Compress Life Coaching for Busy Women & Mums

You are allowed to want rest and get it. While saying sorry for it is not permitted

Why I Stopped Living Someone Else's Idea of a Balanced Life

Life is not perfect or unbalanced. Then, why "should" we aim to be like that?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted like your time is never enough, and you have poor moments for yourself just like I was… Stop: it’s not your freaking fault! 

woman resting at home
Rest Coaching
Embrace a mellow & calm approach to self-care. This coaching program helps women find serenity, tranquility, and rejuvenation in daily life.
Work/Life Struggle Coaching
For busy women striving for balance and growth. Tailored sessions on your unique needs, with practical & holistic strategies to enhance your well-being.
A woman doing yoga.
Slow Yoga and Somatic Healing
Slow and mini yoga practices to boost mind-body connection, reduce stress, and promote calm and relief.
Toddler’s hand holding her mum.
Prenatal/ Postnatal Coaching
Specialized coaching for moms, focusing on emotional regulation and support to feel heard & less alone in every stage of motherhood journey.
Breathwork Coaching
Breathwork journey to enhance relaxation, clarity, and emotional balance, guiding you to inner calm.
Minimal Living Coaching
Embrace the essence and focus on what matters to you, cultivating jomo, sustainability, and fulfillment.

Explore my free resources for tips on self-care, personal liberation, mindfulness, and sustainable living to enrich your calm & safe daily life.

Why Choose To Work Together

Aaaah, the famous dilemma: "bossy hot mess" or "balanced perfect martyr"?
Spoiler Alert: you can be whatever the heck you want, rest, and liberate yourself, as long as it makes you feel happy and satisfied!

Life coaching is your secret weapon for unlocking your full potential and living your best life. Your Life. Letting go of anything starting with the word “should”.

Say goodbye to that frazzled feeling. Together, we’ll clear the mental clutter and zero in on what truly matters to your soul (she’s the real boss here).

Juggle your career, family, and personal goals without dropping the ball (or your sanity). It’s about calibrating energy, not managing more tasks!

Reconnect with your body and release the stored tension and stress. Through body-mind integration, you’ll feel more grounded, present, and at peace.


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My Goal To You

Rediscover what sets your soul on fire and create a life that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

It Starts With This

When I'm asked for advice on how to start living the life they want, I always respond: "Are you capable of recognizing what's knocking on your door, still unanswered?" Oftentimes, we struggle to decipher it or are afraid to admit it.

It Goes Like This

When we answer the knocking, there's always something very specific from which all the loads of feelings we carry daily arise. If you learn to recognize it, you cannot only understand it but also manage it. And I can help you with both!

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