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My Medium Feature

Connecting Through Words

I was born a writer, and I love putting words on paper. That’s why I try to be everywhere with my writing. The power to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet is unspeakable! 

Nourishing Insights

Pick 1, 2, All, Whatever 😉

Young woman in black with her horse at sunset outdoors.
Take the Reins Back

7-Day Free Challenge

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with my ‘Take Back the Reins’ 7-day challenge. Reclaim control and thrive!

Mindful Minds

Miindfulness & Select Your Thoughts

Discover the power of mindfulness and master the art of selecting your thoughts for a happier, more fulfilled day.

Yogic Life

Yoga in Daily Life, My Practice Diary

Unlock the wisdom of yoga philosophy for everyday living. Explore theory and reflective journaling to deepen your journey.

Mountain Meditation

With the Sounds of Nature

Elevate your inner energy and connect with stillness, strength, and stability in this serene mindfulness practice, accompanied by soothing mountain sounds (my fav!)


How To Create Your Personal Affirmation

Craft your own personal mantra: empower your mind with tailored affirmations for daily positivity and growth. Download, take notes, create, and affirm with my help! 

Free Consultation

30-Min Session

Enjoy a complimentary 30-minute session: experience transformation and clarity in just half an hour on the house. Book, let’s talk, and no strings attached.

I Want More

Unapologetically De-Stress and De-Compress Life Coaching for Busy Women & Mums

7 Days To Shine Again!

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Goodbye Overthinking!

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Yoga is a tool for life

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The Mountain & You

Meditate to the Sound of Nature

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Affirmations are powerful

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