How I Became a Life Coach

Have you ever felt like you’re working tirelessly but need help? Like you’re earning money, but it’s just an illusion of well-being because you have no time to enjoy anything? Ever come home just in time for dinner, feeling like life is slipping away? That was me five years ago, drenched from the rain after another shift waiting tables, crying and thinking, “This can’t go on.”


The Courage to Change

I wanted to be a dancer, then an actress, then a singer, and then a writer. Yet, I found myself with two degrees, serving my colleagues at a bar and crying on the streets of Rome. One night, after yet another tearful walk home, I had an epiphany. I realized I needed to reconnect with my inner dreamer, that little girl who believed everything would be okay. I quit my job on the spot. I felt alone, lost, abandoned, and uncertain. But deep down, I knew it was the right and necessary thing to do. I decided to turn that traumatic event into an opportunity for rebirth.


A Matter of Attitude

“Overcoming, changing,” or “setting goals” are phrases that mean taking action that depends solely on us. No external force is truly in control. Regardless of your circumstances, you always have the freedom to choose how to face them. Attitude isn’t everything, but it’s the driving force behind achieving your desires. As humans, we’re fortunate to have the ability to work on our attitudes, refining what we lack to be happier, more efficient, more skilled, and more serene.

But years ago, I didn’t know any of this. All I knew was that I loved writing; it was the only thing I felt confident doing. I wanted to travel because I loved it since I was a child and still felt there was a whole world left to explore. So, there I was, alone and uncertain, but free. Free to make big mistakes. I was terrified. Life isn’t perfect, but our attitude can make all the difference.


From Goal to Action Plan

With a desire to travel and a need to support myself, all I needed was a good Wi-Fi connection and a computer. I had a Mac, but I needed a reliable internet and a clear idea of how to work online or make money writing. I had to invent my job. So, I decided to get moving.

Here’s my action plan:

Believe me, this method isn’t anything special. But having daily tasks, like rewriting a motivational letter or five pages of narrative, alongside a bigger goal—living off writing and working online—was my compass for three months. It made me more serene and aware that I was heading in the right direction, even though I was still scared of how long I could last without a safety net.

  • I found a “safe” place to live without the anxiety of rent and distractions.
  • I turned to Google and many online experts as my mentors and guides.
  • I revamped old resumes, cleaned them up, and created a professional personal brand with a visually appealing new CV (there are tools and templates everywhere online).
  • I sorted through my old writings, saving what I could and discarding the rest, slowly re-reading to salvage anything worthwhile. Where there was nothing, I was fearless in starting from scratch.
  • I studied which platforms could help me start as a writer (Addlance, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr).
  • I improved my technical and language skills with various online courses (especially Google Academy).
  • I set a mini-goal: writing every day, five pages a day, no excuses.
  • I resumed physical activity twice a week, two hours just for myself.
  • I read a lot: self-help, marketing, writing, yoga, storytelling. With few exceptions, everything I read was work-related.
  • I declared out loud: I AM A WRITER. And I believed it. End of story.


Betting on Yourself Changes Your Life

Slowly, my work entered a new phase where I saw small changes and improvements (starting with my book, “Spero Tutto Bene,” “I hope this finds you well”), which helped me overcome writer’s block after seven years). 

How did I do it? By working with what I had: my passion for people and my mind. I traveled by bus (very cheap there) and started interviewing many people in Eastern Canada, collecting stories, experiences, photos, small memories, and emotions. I was a little writer on the move, fueled by renewed energy.


The Life Coaching Project

Still, I wanted more. I wanted female friends, I wanted to connect. 

Free women, traveling women, independent women: I wanted to be one of them. That’s why, for my rebirth, I chose to bet on my strength and passions:

  • Blogging and writing;
  • Social media content creation;
  • Helping others as a life mission.


At the end of my journey of rebirth and self-discovery, I outlined several steps to restart my life:

  • I self-published my first book on Amazon, overcoming my seven-year writer’s block.
  • I started a blog on eating disorders that reached 15.000 views and 2500 email list subscribers (in Italian and Spanish).
  • I launched my career as a ghostwriter on platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork and directly with private clients.
  • I became a certified life coach for women. 


My Story with Eating Disorders

Even though I was delighted, I felt I had something to solve deep down, a shadow I never talked about how I overcame my eating disorder. 

I’m a big fan of change, especially because I’ve experienced many physical, geographical, and emotional changes. Change brings new life and energy. We remain ourselves, yet we evolve. We keep our habitsyet we yearn to become more, do more, and live differently. Mainly if we deal with eating disorders daily, as I did. By sharing my story with courage and authenticity, everything began.

From my story, an article on my site became a book, then an online course in Italian and Spanish. In five years, my project has become an “alternative” support system for people dealing with various eating disorders (from anxiety to complex relationships with food, from emerging disorders to full-blown eating disorders). To do this, besides my experience, I chose to get professional training to support people who sought my help.

In 2024, I closed this chapter with a smile, fully embracing the world of life coaching for women and mothers in English!


What I am doing now: Unapologetically De-Stress and De-Compress Life Coaching for Busy Women & Mums

Tailored specifically for women seeking empowerment, balance, and transformation. At my coaching hub, I speak directly to you, addressing your unique needs and aspirations. 

Whether you’re a busy professional, a dedicated mother, or simply navigating life’s complexities, I offer specialized coaching services to guide you on your journey to fulfillment and well-being. 

From stress relief and motherhood support to breathwork and minimal living, each coaching program is crafted with your growth and empowerment in mind.

It’s time to embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and purpose. Are you ready to unlock your full potential? Let’s begin.

  1. Stress-Relief Coaching for Busy Women: Personalized coaching sessions designed to help women alleviate stress, cultivate resilience, and restore emotional balance through somatic exercises and mindfulness techniques. Tailored coaching sessions provide strategies to manage time effectively, energy, and priorities amidst busy lives.
  2. Motherhood Coaching: Dedicated coaching support for mothers, offering guidance, encouragement, and practical tools to navigate the complexities of motherhood while prioritizing self-care and personal growth.
  3. Breathwork Coaching for Women: Transformative coaching sessions focusing on breathwork techniques to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall well-being for women seeking inner peace and emotional stability.
  4. Minimal Living Coaching for Women: Empowering coaching sessions for women interested in simplifying their lives, embracing sustainability, and cultivating purposeful living through minimalism, mindfulness, and conscious decision-making.


Ready to transform your life? Take the first step towards a more balanced, empowered, and fulfilled you. Contact me today to start your personalized coaching journey. Your best self awaits!

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