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How I honored my old self, while chasing and embracing my new soul

My Story, Your Story

I still vividly remember that night. I stood there, staring at myself in the mirror for an hour, utterly bewildered by the overwhelming pain coursing through me. I had an everyday life—a supportive partner, friendly colleagues, and a cozy little rental home—everything one could ask for right on the other side of that front door.

Yet, there I was, in tears.

Why? What was wrong with me? Why did everything I had worked so hard for suddenly feel inadequate? My racing heart, the tears streaming down my face—they were trying to tell me something real, something I couldn’t quite grasp at the time. It’s so clear to me now, but every emotional reaction felt like a murky haze threatening to engulf me back then.

My body was speaking to me. It told me a simple truth: You can live better than this. And it was true. My life was “right,” “steady,” but it wasn’t mine. I could and should demand more, even if that “more” felt daunting.

It was time to turn the page, to muster the courage to change and start living again.

Starting from the only certainty that seemed the most important at that moment: I could rely only on myself, and at the same time, it was up to me to understand, dig, fight, work, and heal.

When people ask me how I built the life I desired in my image, seeking advice on how to “feel,” “smile,” and “live” again, I realize how much unhappiness and dissatisfaction surround us. Even when it doesn’t seem that way, each of us carries in our hearts a deep sense of dissatisfaction, a resentment towards ourselves for all that we want but don’t dare to be.

We've all forgotten a dream in a drawer, an aspiration we once deemed indispensable but then stifled under the weight of a secure job. 

We’ve all set aside a trip we wanted to take for countless reasons. We all still think about that person who’s no longer part of our lives but whom we’d like to hear from again if only we found the courage. 

These suppressed, repressed, latent emotions always leave us with a heavy feeling in our hearts, even if it’s just for a moment because, for the rest of the time, we’re so busy that we forget again, at least for a little while.


Yet, even if we don’t realize it, these everyday dynamics generate conflicting feelings, moments of anxiety, and a generalized malaise that often culminates in physical pain. As it’s called in alchemical vision, each of us lives in a “body of pain,” a body that we carry with us but that experiences a sense of discomfort that doesn’t leave us until we decide to untie the knots that hold it back and liberate it once and for all.

That’s why when I’m asked for advice on how to start living again, I always respond: “Are you capable of recognizing the origin of your pain?”

And beware, pain means many things. It doesn’t necessarily have a dramatic aura, but it can be an annoyance, an unpleasant sensation, a grudge, a regret, or a moment of anger toward something or someone.

We struggle to decipher it or are afraid to admit it. Still, if we look closely inside, there’s always something specific from which all the feelings of inadequacy we carry daily arise.

If you learn to recognize it, not only is it possible to experience it, but it’s also easy to eliminate it.

And I can help you with both of those things!

If you’re feeling lost in the chaos of everyday life, I’m here to guide you towards reclaiming your peace, calm & purpose. 



Embracing Resilience and Healing: How I Became a Life Coach


In 2014, I made the decision to abandon the security of my old life and set off on a journey of self-discovery. While hearing similar people's stories like mine, I lost fear and gained confidence. I wanted to become a vessel for change, empowerment, and happiness.


In 2021, I earned my Life Coach certification from Crearte Coaching in Madrid. Soon, I started following my passion for helping stressed, overwhelmed women find balance and calm in their lives. Let's work together to unlock your true authentic essence and find the happiness you deserve (and can build)!

WhatsAapp: +39 3204861494

Once upon a time, I was that shy, creative kid who preferred reading at home over playing outside. You know, the “outsider” who boys approached only to ask about her prettier friends. Back then, it didn’t bother me—nor did my love for food.

But then, adolescence hit like a wrecking ball. Surrounded by images of confident, blonde goddesses, I looked in the mirror at my messy-haired, outsider self and saw nothing but failure.

I was obsessed with my weight. I wanted to be “light” like those celebrities, but I couldn’t stick to a diet for more than two days. I hid my body in shame, sucked in my stomach, and dreamt of disappearing. My self-hatred grew with every binge, turning my life into a nightmare. I felt like a burden, invisible, and weighed down by my own conscience.

Desperate, I turned to the internet and discovered I had a Binge Eating Disorder. I wasn’t alone. Millions struggled with the same issue. I found a treasure trove of resources, research, and testimonies online from those who had overcome it. For the first time, I felt hope.

Inspired by mentors like Umberto Veronesi, Sophia Amoruso, and Oprah Winfrey, I learned about inner strength and self-awareness. Healing wasn’t just about dieting; it required a holistic approach involving personal growth, spirituality, body-mind wellness, and self-love. I was learning that the healing journey was much more than the number on a scale.

While meeting with people like me during university, I lost fear and gained confidence. Determined to change, I decided to bury my disorder and focus on my career.

Then, fate intervened. I met Elizabeth Gilbert, my muse. I was ready to hand her my heart on paper, but she said, “You don’t need my voice to legitimate yourself. Find your own.” Her words hit me like a lightning bolt. No one could save me but myself. Healing required intense personal work and fierce self-love.

I began dismantling my limiting beliefs. I refused to be a victim anymore. Inspired by countless others, I tattooed “RESILIENCE” on my skin as a reminder of my commitment. I cleared my home of junk food, vowing never to suffer like that again. I finally found peace and healing through years of hard work and self-discovery.

Today, my life is transformed. I became a life coach in Italy, but my mission now extends globally. I know I have a powerful message and want to share it with the world. 

Specializing in body-mind-soul awareness, I help others find the self-love and resilience I discovered on my journey.


In 2016 I had it all. A supportive partner, friendly colleagues, and a cozy little rental home—everything one could ask for.

Still, I ran away and never looked back.

2017. I started travelling

Traveling through Canada, Australia, and the Canary Islands, I found my path to freedom and self-discovery, birthing my company along the way.

2019. ED Recovery Journey

My journey through eating disorder recovery led me to healing and supporting others in Italy and Spain, up until 2024.

2021. ICF International Approved

In 2021 I took my training hours certification as a life coach at Crearte Coaching School of Madrid, ICF International approved.

2024. De-Compress Life Coaching For Women

I dedicated myself to empowering and supporting women on their journeys, providing tutoring, coaching, and support systems for those left behind and feeling alone.

De-Stress, Rest, and Shine

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