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Stress-Relief Coaching for Busy and Overwhelmed Women

Taylored Phone/ Video Sessions

1 session: $95
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Motherhood Coaching (New, Soon-To-Be, and Navigated Mums)

Taylored Phone/ Video Sessions

1 session : $95
What's included?
Breathwork Coaching for Women for Stress and Emotional Relief

Taylored Video Sessions

1 session: $120
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In 2016 I had it all. A supportive partner, friendly colleagues, and a cozy little rental home—everything one could ask for.

Still, I ran away and never looked back.

2017. I started travelling

Traveling through Canada, Australia, and the Canary Islands, I found my path to freedom and self-discovery, birthing my company along the way.

2019. ED Recovery Journey

My journey through eating disorder recovery led me to healing and supporting others in Italy and Spain, up until 2024.

2021. ICF International Approved

In 2021 I took my training hours certification as a life coach at Crearte Coaching School of Madrid, ICF International approved.

2024. De-Compress Life Coaching For Women

I dedicated myself to empowering and supporting women on their journeys, providing tutoring, coaching, and support systems for those left behind and feeling alone.

My Goal To You

Rediscover what sets your soul on fire and create a life that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

It Starts With This

When I'm asked for advice on how to start living the life they want, I always respond: "Are you capable of recognizing what's knocking on your door, still unanswered?" Oftentimes, we struggle to decipher it or are afraid to admit it.

It Goes Like This

When we answer the knocking, there's always something very specific from which all the loads of feelings we carry daily arise. If you learn to recognize it, you cannot only understand it but also manage it. And I can help you with both!

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